Legacies Lead on Campus with Help of Alumni Scholarship

As always, Longwood University takes great pride in our students and rewards those who most exemplify the Longwood spirit in academics, involvements, and citizen leadership. The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is an alumni -funded scholarship given to one returning student and one incoming student. The recipients must have a family relative that is a Longwood Alumni and the recipients are selected based on a combination of their academic standing, activities, and their vision of Citizen Leadership.

This year, out of many applications, we are excited to share our two Alumni Legacy Scholarship Recipients:

Amanda Chappell ’17

Sarah Eggleson ’19


Amanda Chappell ‘17   Amanda_C

As a freshman, “All [Amanda] wanted to do was really get involved on campus and in the community.” Now a junior, Amanda seems to have achieved her goals. After arriving at Longwood University, she began volunteering with the local food pantry F.A.C.E.S, Habitat for Humanity, the Longwood Red Cross, and tutoring at the local church in Farmville.

In the past two years, Amanda has found her involvements (Student Government Association and Conduct Board to name a few) have taught her a great deal about citizen leadership. “I am beyond honored to have received this scholarship. This is such an amazing opportunity to be able to attend a college that I love and not have to worry about not being able to afford it. This scholarship really is motivating to me also because so many people have confidence in me and my abilities as a student.”

Favorite tradition: A three way tie- Oozeball, Color Wars and CHI Burning!


Thank YOU alumni, Sarah and Amanda credit their success to you.

Guide future students and give them one less textbook to worry about.


Sarah Eggleston ‘19 

Sarah Eggleston is entering the Longwood community as a freshman this year but her Lancer spirit started years before she was accepted, since she is the daughter of a Longwood alumni, Brenda Burger Eggleson, class of 1987.

When beginning her college search, Sarah and her mom visited the campus on a tour and she ended up falling in love with the Longwood University. Now, sharing the same Alma Mater as her mother, they have developed a closer bond and Sarah enjoys hearing stories from her mom about her experiences while she was a student at Longwood. Sarah shared that, “The stories range from a physics professor that drew alligators with jet packs to how the dining hall was once a gym. I can’t wait to be able to come home and tell her my stories too.”

What this scholarship means to Sarah: Helping cover the cost of textbooks, a new laptop, and her tuition expenses.

Both women are committed and hardworking Longwood Lancers and we are proud to have them as this year’s recipients of the Alumni Legacy Scholarship.Keep up the great work!


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