Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Alexandria, Virginia

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Historic Sites and Museums:

Do you love learning about artistic, historical, or cultural aspects of history? Do you crave knowledge and want to experience history first hand? Well, check out the best historical landmarks or museums in the Alexandria area.

Torpedo Factory

Founded in 1974, the Torpedo Factory is home to the largest collection of accessible popular artists in the United States. The location houses 82 studios, seven galleries available to the public, and access to 165 artists you can watch in action paint, sculpt, and design original masterpieces. And if seeing artist first-hand doesn’t excite you, the Torpedo Factory is also home to the Art League and Alexandria’s Archeology Museum. One other note, The Office of Alumni Relations and Career Services will be hosting the Northern Virginia Alumni Celebration at the Torpedo Factory on February 19, 2016 beginning at 7pm, the link to register is below. You won’t want to miss out!

Check out the Torpedo Factory here!

Friendship Firehouse

Picture the year 1774 in Alexandria, Virginia, what do you see? Does volunteer firefighting come to mind? Well, it should because Friendship Firehouse was the first volunteer fire company in Alexandria. The house currently standing was built in 1855, and showcases historical and original firefighting equipment and exhibits.

More information on Friendship Firehouse

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate

Travel back to the colonial era and experience George Washington’s phenomenal riverside estate. Whether you choose to indulge yourself in one of the walkthrough tours, the mansion, more than 700 artifacts, a working farm, the new visitors facilities, or one of the 25 art galleries on the estate, you’re sure to find encounter one aspect here that will trigger the historical spark within you. Oh, and if you decide to tour her April-October, why not experience all the beauty with a cruise from Old Town with the Potomac Riverboat Company.

Interested in see more, check out the site here! 

Family and Pet-Friendly Sites

You have the kids in Alexandria, and you need to know what the family can do together that will satisfy their excitement for adventure while keeping you calm and relax. Well, we may just have the perfect answer for your family expeditions here.

Alexandria Colonial Tours (Kids Scavenger Hunt)

Do you have a little Sherlock Holmes on your hands? You should take your children to experience the Alexandria Colonial Scavenger Hunt solely for kids. They will get the experience the hunt for clues and facts through historic landmarks and embark through the footsteps of George Washington and his Patriots. Oh, and what kid doesn’t love a little friendly competition between friends when the divide into a group for the scavenger hunt, the possibilities for them are endless.

Want to learn more, check out their website here!

Founders Park

Does your pet need to run wild and free for a while? Well, Founders Park is the perfect rest stop for you and your dog. Only three blocks north of the Torpedo Factory, the venue is a serene riverside garden within Old Town Alexandria. The park features a dog exercise area, volleyball courts, benches, and walking paths. Perfect place for a picnic with the family, or some friendly volleyball competitions with friends. Whatever you choose, this Northern Virginia location has plenty t offer you, the kids, and your pet!

Want to read more about Founders Park, check out their website

Date Night

Are you a single alum who is engaging in the dating scene? Or are you a married alumni interested in experiencing an exciting night on the town away from the kids? Well, you will love these top options of place to visit for a date night in Alexandria.

Society Fair

Located in the heart of Old Town, the unique food market offers a palate that is sure to please everyone’s alluring taste. Society Fair includes a bakery, butchery and market, a wine bar, and a demo kitchen all under one roof. All this is featured and presented by Alexandria’s recognized Cathal Armstrong.

Check out their site here!

Hank’s Oyster Bar

Picture a quaint town house that offers authentic New England style foods including various chowders, steamers, shrimp, and a wide selection of oysters. Well, look no further than Hank’s Oyster Bar, it’s the perfect place to spend an evening indulging on delicious cuisines.

Check out Hank’s Oyster Bar here!

Escape Room

Do you and your significant other love the thrill of adventure and knowledge? Well, the Escape Room can provide you with a multitude of experience while testing your knowledge and attention to detail in a complex way. Depending on the mission you receive, paying attention to details and referencing clues provided is critical to breaking free from the task in 45 minutes or less. If you’re having trouble picturing this idea, think of the Escape Room as a life-size Clue game.

Check them out in more detail here!


You know have knowledge of local art and history sites, family and pet-friendly locations, and even places for a special date night, but we have one more surprise. Before you leave Alexandria, Virginia you have to experience the incredible nightlife.

Port City Brewing Company

Before you engage in your ravishing and indulging night on the town, no better place to begin than Port City Brewing Company. Every Friday night, live music is available from 7-9pm. Oh, and not to mention, they have an authentic local food truck serving up succulent grub to you match any taste bud all night. What better way to begin the evening, with live music, beer, and food.

Need more details about Port City Brewing Company, check out their website.

The Carlyle Club

Do you enjoy elegance and glamor of the 1920’s jazz clubs, but with a modern twist? Well, then Carlyle Club is the perfect location for you! Making your way through the ambiance of Old Town, you will experience a blast from the past offering a unique restaurant, bar, and lounges for both men and women, this place will for sure get your feet tapping and your hands clapping by the end of the night.

Want to see all the fantastic attributes of the Carlyle Club, well visit their website to check it all out!

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You made it! You’re at the conclusion of the top 10 places you have to visit when coming to Alexandria. This city offers options for the family oriented, the single and ready to mingle, or the engaged couple just wanting to have a great night out on the town. The possibilities in Alexandria, Virginia are endless.