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Assemblage by Polly Becker entitled Pupetmaster

Hearing Aid

Summer 2016

Presidential election debates shut out campaign noise and allow voters to hear the candidates’ ideas by Dr. William Harbour As Longwood prepares for the 2016 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate, the…

A view of the work yard featuring one of the original slave dwellings at Bacon's Castle in Surry County. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Place Value

Spring 2016

Our sense of well-being often is linked to places that have deep personal meaning and history by Elizabeth S. Kostelny ’81 “Sense of place gives equilibrium; extended, it is sense…

Trash that has found its way to the ocean can be deadly to wildlife.

Trash Talk

Fall 2015

Understanding at a local level how debris gets into our oceans is the first step in cleaning up the problem Balloons rising into the air are a joyful sight to many people,…

The Wages of War

Spring 2015

150 years after Lee’s surrender, some wounds of North-South conflict have not healed

Repairing our Ethics DNA

Fall 2014

Business school commits to educating values-based leaders from elementary school to MBA program

The Education Gap

Summer 2015

Making sure no child is left behind means starting academic learning long before kindergarten

Bridging the Past

Spring 2014

50 years after the Prince Edward County school closings, a generation whose lives were changed forever tell their stories to Longwood students

Eugene B. Monfalcone’s paintings in the dome of the Rotunda of Ruffner Hall depict the foundations of learning.

Practically Human

Fall 2013

In times of transition, I tend to turn to the stars. So the year I came to Longwood, I visited an astrologist. “Learn to be rooted but strive to be…