Anything new? Contact alumni database manager

Sheila Seagle

Sheila Seagle

Alumni, please keep in touch with Sheila Seagle.

An alumni biographical specialist in the Office of University Advancement, she maintains the alumni database. It’s important to contact her when you move, get married, have children, start a new job, learn about a fellow alumni who have died or have any other news.

“My main job is to make sure the alumni database is current,” said Seagle, adding that the database has records on more than 34,000 alumni dating back to 1899.

Keeping the database current ensures that alumni continue to receive Longwood magazine, reunion mailings and news about other special events in their areas. Much of the correspondence by alumni relations is through email, so current email addresses, in addition to “snail mail” addresses, are crucial. Seagle, who works closely with the Office of the Registrar, enters students into the database when they are seniors, transfers them to alumni status when they graduate and updates each alum’s record as new information becomes known.

“A lot of my job is research,” she said. “Alumni and others often contact me when they’re doing genealogical research.”

Other times, Seagle is able to update the database through her own initiative. For example, she learned from an alumna’s obituary that she was one of four sisters—each of whom attended Longwood during the 1920s.

Seagle joined Longwood in March 2009. A native of Washington, N.C., and a 1987 graduate of Meredith College, she lives in Lunenburg County with her husband, Doug, and their two children.