National study praises Longwood’s teacher programs

Longwood was one of only 92 colleges and universities in the nation recognized for excellence in teacher preparation in a study of more than 1,000 schools conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality and released in June 2013.

The 2013 NCTQ Teacher Prep Review “evaluates what a program itself adds in the way of solid training — nothing more, nothing less,” the report states. “Programs that earn three- or four-star ratings require coursework and clinical practice that make their teacher graduates better prepared to handle classroom responsibilities than they would have been without such preparation.” The study looked at one or more programs at each school, evaluating a total of 1,200 under- graduate and graduate programs in elementary and secondary education at 1,130 institutions across the country.

Only 105 of the programs — or 9 percent of those evaluated — earned three or more stars. Longwood was one of only 13 institu- tions that earned high ratings for two or more programs. Longwood’s undergraduate programs in elementary and secondary education each earned three stars.