Send Flat Elwood off on his journey

The  Flat Stanley Project is a nationwide effort to promote literacy and community among young learners by sending out “flat” visitors through the mail, then having students track, discuss and write about their flat character’s journey and adventures.

The Alumni Board has its own Flat Stanley character — Flat Elwood.

There are two ways you can start Flat Elwood on  his  journey. You can create your own Flat Elwood project with family and friends. Or, if the Flat Stanley Project is introduced to your child, grandchild or other young learner during this school year, use the Flat Elwood character.

You will find  a four-color version and a black-and-white version on  the alumni web- site
( Print Flat Elwood for your young learner to decorate. Send him off on his  journey or have your own adventure with him and your family. You can even send him to college friends—see how many signatures you can get on  the back of Flat Elwood. Be creative!

Please post photos of your Flat Elwood project on  the Longwood Alumni Facebook page ( and send them electronically to the Office  of Alumni Relations ( We want to keep an electronic record of where Flat Elwood goes and the people he meets. Prizes will be awarded for the most unique adventure and the most famous person Flat Elwood meets. For more information on the Flat Stanley project, visit