A New Addition

Longwood is launching an online MBA in real estate.

The part-time program, expected to take two years to complete, will enroll its first students in fall 2014. It is geared to the commercial real estate industry and will prepare students for several professional certifications.

“This is probably the only online MBA program in real estate in Virginia and one of only a few online real estate programs in the country accredited by AACSB,” said Dr. Scott Wentland, assistant professor of economics in Longwood’s College of Business and Economics.

Wentland, Dr. Xun Bian, Dr. Ray Brastow and Dr. Bennie Waller have collaborated on several published real estate research studies in recent years and will bring that expertise to the new program. “We’re expanding in an area in which we have strength,” said Wentland.

Real estate “seems to be an area of demand for higher education,” said Abbey O’Connor, Longwood’s MBA director and assistant business dean. “This fast-paced field is changing and becoming more technical, and we’re trying to provide education so people can advance in their careers.”

Longwood’s College of Business and Economics is accredited by the most prestigious accrediting agency for schools of business, AACSB International. —Kent Booty