Applauding alums in education, new president

As our schools throughout the nation open their doors to all levels of education, congratulations on your timely articles in the fall 2013 issue of Longwood magazine featuring two outstanding topics that represent the hallmark of a great education.

First, thank you for paying tribute to the many Longwood alumni who are not just outstanding teachers but were chosen as Teacher of the Year in their varied locations.

Second, I am so impressed and applaud your Board of Visitors for choosing W. Taylor

Reveley IV as Longwood’s next leader. Having sat at the foot of a long line of renowned education masters from his childhood, President Reveley is indeed a natural for his leadership role at Longwood.

Finally, as a teacher of 34 years in our great commonwealth, I hope Longwood will never shed its image of being one of our finest “state teachers’ colleges.”

Anne Murphy Morton Gregory Vandemark ’53