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About The Magazine

Longwood University Foundation Inc.
Bart Mitchell ’90, President

Sabrina Brown

Creative Director
David Whaley

Associate Editors
Kent Booty, Matthew McWilliams

Andrea Dailey

Richard Ambrose, Paul Barrett, Jacob Bell, Leta Bressin, Annie Kindon Brown, Alex Kindon Brown, David Carson, Audrey Church, Beth Cope, Patrick Folliard, Richard Foster, Michael Frith, Chris Jones, Mike Kropf ’14, David Lehr, Virginia Lewis, Susan May, Elizabeth Seaborn

Advisory Board
Larissa Fergeson, Victoria Kindon, Suzy Szasz Palmer, Kenneth Perkins, Nancy Britton Shelton ’68, Bennie Waller ’90, Elizabeth Power-deFur

Board of Visitors
Colleen McCrink Margiloff ’97, Rector, Rye, N.Y.
Eileen Mathes Anderson ’83, Glen Allen
Katherine Elam Busser, Goochland
David H. Hallock Jr., Richmond
Eric Hansen, Lynchburg
Thomas A. Johnson, Lynchburg
Stephen Mobley ’93, McLean
Marianne Moffat Radcliff ’92, Richmond
Brad E. Schwartz ’84, Chesapeake
Lucia Anna “Pia” Trigiani, Alexandria
Shelby Jones Walker M.S. ’93, Charlotte Court House
Lacy Ward Jr., Farmville
Robert S. Wertz Jr. ’85, Leesburg

Editorial offices for Longwood magazine are maintained at the Office of Public Relations, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909

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Comments, letters and contributions are encouraged.Printed on recycled stocks containing 100% post-consumer waste.No state funds were used to print this publication.

To request this magazine in alternate format (large print, braille, audio, etc.), please contact the Longwood Learning Center, 434-395-2391; TRS: 711.Published September 2014